Hypothetical scenario … Scientists try to stop an asteroid heading towards Earth, and the result is “Europe’s destruction.”


A group of experts from American and European space agencies attended a week-long exercise led by “NASA” in which they faced a hypothetical scenario represented by an asteroid 35 million miles close to Earth, and it could hit it within six months, according to the scientific site “sciencealert”.

With each passing day of the exercise, the participants learned more about the asteroid’s size, trajectory, and impact strength, and then had to collaborate and use their technological knowledge to see if anything could be done to stop the mass coming from space.

The group concluded that none of the technologies on Earth can stop the hypothetical asteroid due to the narrow time frame, which means that they failed to prevent the asteroid collision with Earth, which destroyed the continent of Europe, according to the simulation.

Suggested solutions

It is reported that the phantom asteroid in the simulation was called 2021PDC. The participants said: “If we encounter the hypothetical asteroid scenario in real life, we will not be able to launch any spacecraft in such a short time to repel it.”

Participants in the exercise suggested launching lasers that could heat and vaporize the asteroid enough to change its trajectory.

Another possibility is sending a spacecraft to collide with an incoming asteroid, which leads to the asteroid’s distance from its path, and this is the most preferred strategy for NASA.

The site pointed out that asteroids do not currently pose any threat to Earth, but an estimated two-thirds of asteroids of 140.21 meters or larger are capable of causing great chaos but are not yet discovered. For this reason, NASA is trying to prepare for such a situation.

“Ultimately, these exercises help the global defense community communicate with each other to ensure coordination between us all in the event of a potential future threat,” said Lindley Johnson, NASA Defense Officer.


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