“I don’t wipe over it, and the whole family knows” .. Houria Farghali responds to Amina Khalil’s statements


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Actress Houria Farghali responded to the statements of the artist Amina Khalil regarding the relationship between them, explaining that they are already relatives, but from afar.

Houria Farghali said: “I don’t know that she is my cousin’s daughter. I know that she is my cousin from afar, and the relationship is not close enough, because I have lived throughout my life in Egypt.”

She added on the “Honorable Citizen” program: “I was very happy that someone in the artistic community was close to me, and I wished that she and I would remain close to each other, but unfortunately, she did not want.”

She continued, saying: “In the end, I cannot deny that my mother is close to her grandmother, this is a known need for the whole family, I do not afflict her or wipe over her, on the contrary, this is a need that honors me.”

The artist, Amina Khalil, issued a statement regarding Houriya Farghali’s statements and said that “the addresses circulating on this subject are inaccurate, as they are not the children of a maternal aunt, but there is a distant family relationship that binds her grandmother and Houria’s mother, and there is no contact between them before or after entering art.”

She added: “There was no mixing between her family or Houria’s family in any way, and the matter is nothing more than a distant family relationship, and therefore throughout their years of work in art, no one has spoken about this relationship from near or far over the past years, and no one has mentioned it. Any indication ».

Houria Farghali said on the program “One of the People” with the journalist Amr al-Laithi: “Despite the relationship between me and Amina Khalil, she did not ask about me in my ordeal, nor her mother, who is considered the daughter of my mother’s cousin, and there are no differences between us, but usually our meetings There was a bit of cold in it. ”


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