“I know that Musimani became angry with him after learning about the Sun Downs confrontation.”


Haitham Orabi, former chairman of the contracting committee at Al-Ahly club, spoke about the difficulty of facing the red genie, his counterpart, Sun Downs Club, due to injuries and stress.

Haitham Orabi, who was a guest on the Stars in Ramadan program with the radio station Najla Helmy, on Youth and Sports Radio, said: “SunDowns is one of the strongest teams in Africa and represents the toughest choice for Al-Ahly in the quarter-finals, and he is afraid of the team due to many injuries and stress due to the pressure of matches.”

Haitham Orabi continued: “All the teams are afraid of Al-Ahly, and they work for an account, a musician, they understand, and the keeper of Sun Downs, but I do not have a fanatic appearance at the El Gouna match conference.

And he continued: “The medical file needs a lot of work in Al-Ahly. I wished during my stay in the club a contract with a European team and an Egyptian to amend the nature of work in this vital organ in the club.”

Haitham Orabi ended his statements: “The most difficult deal I did in Al-Ahly was the contract with Ahmed Hegazy, as he is from a very Ismaili family, and I learned patience from working in the Red Castle.”


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