“I thought of him, so I slaughtered him.” The scenes of the crime of “The Old Man and the Disobedient Son”


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Monday 03 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

Investigations by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Giza Security Directorate uncovered new circumstances in the killing of an elderly man at the hands of his unemployed son in the Haram area.

Investigations and investigations indicated that the accused took advantage of the fact that the house was vacant when his brother was present at his work as “Fran”, and his mother spent the night with her daughter in the Fayoum governorate.

A sharp verbal altercation took place between the son and his father, as a result of which the son forcefully removed the sixty-year-old man, to fall to the ground, and his head hit the floor to lose consciousness.

Feelings of fear managed the son, and the possibility that his father would not die, despite the bloodshed from his head, which was shattered due to the severity of the impact, so he rushed to the kitchen and brought a knife to slaughter him and then fled.

The 28-year-old, unemployed defendant, said that his father calmed him continuously due to his lack of a job opportunity, “he insults me because I am not working.”

Regarding the day of the crime, the twenty-year-old accused explained that a verbal altercation took place between him and his father, during which he became furious at the father’s words, so he forcefully removed him to fall on the ground, due to his old age and deteriorating health – and then equipped him with a knife.

Yesterday evening, Sunday, unemployed ended his father’s life without mercy. The twenty-year-old smashed the head of the sick elderly man, then slaughtered him with a knife and ran away before falling into the grip of the Pyramid Investigations.

Yesterday evening, Sunday, Brigadier General Muhammad Nabil, the superintendent of the Haram Department, received a signal from the emergency police that a report had come from Fran that he had discovered his father’s body killed upon his return from work.

A force moved to the report shop under the leadership of Colonel Muhammad Al-Sagheer, the pyramid inspector, and Lieutenant Colonel Hassan Al-Sabban, the squad’s agent, and it was confirmed by inspection that the corpse of a 60-year-old had had his head smashed and had traces of a slaughtered wound to the neck and wore his clothes.

Major Ahmed Essam, head of the Al-Haram Investigation Department, listened to the statements of the reporter who revealed the poor health of his father, as he suffers from chronic diseases, in addition to liver cirrhosis.

Major General Assem Abu al-Khair, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department in Giza, instructed to examine the victim’s relations with members of his family, “his wife – his two sons” and to emptying surveillance cameras around the property in his residence.

The search and investigation efforts of Major Abdel-Baqi, the assistant secretary of the Al-Haram Investigation Department, concluded that the second victim’s son, “28 years of age,” was behind the commission of the incident.

Detectives noticed his disappearance from the crime scene, and security cameras spotted him as he was leaving the area in a hurry.

After the legalization of procedures, the two captains Muhammad Sultan and Ahmed Farraj were able to arrest him, and he admitted to committing the incident due to family disputes, and he guided the murder weapon.

The accused said that an altercation took place between him and his father, as a result of which he removed his father and lost his balance and fell and hit his head on the ground, then he brought a knife and slaughtered him.

The necessary report was drawn up, and Major General Mohamed Abdel Tawab, Director of Giza Investigation, referred it to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation.

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