“I want to sit with our Lord to know what made delicious people. How does this factor?”


Samah Anwar said, during her interview with the journalist Ahmed Salem, presenter of the Bold Moments program, yesterday evening, Tuesday: “Death is my love. I am not afraid of it, but I am afraid of life.”
Samah Anwar added: “My entire life, I die, because I know what is in life, but when I die, I know what is coming, and at the same time I want it to know if people are so delicious.

Samah Anwar continued during her dialogue with the Bold Moments program: I want him to sit with our Lord, but I do not want him to sit with the salvation I knew. The topic is the same as you are in a movie, and close to finish, you will go to see where you will go again.

Samah Anwar explained her curiosity since she was young to know the unseen, explaining: I want him all the time to know what comes after our lives, because we are difficult for others, so there is a need for suffocation. And the situation is far from the planet, for sure, it will remain better.


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