Ibrahim Abdullah: Zamalek is not an orphan .. We refuse to slaughter Ashour Imam


Counselor Ibrahim Abdullah, member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek, expressed his surprise at the Football Association’s claim that it had not received a grievance from Zamalek regarding the crisis of Imam Ashour, the team’s player, and Ibrahim Abdullah said in statements to the “B On Time” program, “Mohamed El-Shennawy, Al-Ahly goalkeeper,” He was punished by a suspension of 4 matches and was reduced to one match, while Imam Ashour was photographed inside the locker room and inside the dressing room, a lot happens, and despite his rejection of this behavior, Zamalek club must punish him, but we do not allow him to be slaughtered by the Union. We sent a grievance to the Union, by hand and by fax. , And all matters are recorded in seconds, and Egyptians to lift the punishment for Imam Ashour.

Abdullah added, in the club, there are two workers in order to produce videos for Al-Ahly players similar to the video of Imam Ashour, but this is not the case. Zamalek An orphan does not have anyone to ask about it.

He pointed out that Zamalek is a big sports fortress, and we are respectable people who abide by the laws and regulations, but will not accept transgressions, and the Basketball Association wasted the regulations and laws in the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match.

Abdullah confirmed that the Zamalek Council is in a permanent session and we have led crises, but we are working with the thinking of statesmen, in order to preserve the sporting spirit, but if anyone would think that he is able to bend the arm of Zamalek by saying above Zamalek, a large and strong one.

And about the crisis of Ibrahim Al-Masry, the player of Al-Ahly’s hand, a member of the Zamalek committee said, in light of the regulations of the Egyptian Handball Federation, we were not required to conduct any analysis of Corona before the match and the analysis of Ibrahim Al-Masry was negative on the day of the match and therefore we do not have evidence against Al-Ahly, and we admitted that Zamalek missed the victory. I wished Ibrahim Al-Masry a speedy recovery, he or any player.

He added, I respect the Hand Union because it brought me the champions of the league because I was different from Al-Ahly, but you do not have the right to give Al-Ahly the cup title, the lost time that Jihad Greisha had counted in the Pyramids match and did not complete it. We will demand the application of the list even if it acknowledges the replay of the match.

He concluded his remarks by saying, there is the insistence of Referees Committee On the appointment of referees who made many administrative mistakes against Zamalek, you are thus causing crises, when you come to say that you will appoint Egyptian referees for the summit match and after the referee has performed well, you say well, if he made a mistake, what would have happened.


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