If you are pregnant during the time of Corona .. 5 tips to maintain your mental health


Many pregnant women suffer from emotional stress and stress due to: Pregnancy during the Corona crisis And the third wave of the virus that the world is currently suffering from, so we offer 5 tips to maintain your mental health in light of pregnancy during the Corona crisis, according to the website pinkvilla .

5 tips to maintain your mental health for pregnant women during the time of Corona

Be honest with yourself

It is important that you accept the fact that pregnancy may be difficult and that caring for the child during the Corona crisis may be difficult, so it is important to be prepared more than to have a pre-existing plan, because the needs of the mother and the infant must be taken into account.

Know the signs of depression

A pregnant woman should be well aware of maintaining mental and psychological health during the period of the Corona crisis, you must be prepared to recognize signs of depression and seek help from your doctor.

Reduce your exposure to Corona news

It is good to be curious to know what is happening, but exposing yourself to Corona news will only increase your anxiety, which may have negative effects on the fetus, moreover, a large amount of fake news continues to circulate, which leads to the spread of false facts and stay away as much as possible from Discussions about the epidemic with your friends and family.

Maintain your physical and emotional safety

Personal hygiene, such as washing hands with soap and water often, and respiratory hygiene, such as coughing in your elbow or in a tissue and disposing of it properly, hygiene at home, maintaining a daily sleep schedule, and consuming a safe and balanced diet, all of these methods help you Improve your mental health.

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Think in the present time and not think about the future

It is natural for spouses to feel anxious about having a child during a pandemic, which increases their anxiety and confusion. Focus on the present moment rather than yesterday or tomorrow.

Build your problem-solving strategies around the factors you can manage now rather than the ones you can’t.

Try these stress-relieving activities

Meditation, deep breathing, and gentle stretching exercises are all good options.

Communicate with friends and family over the phone or via video link to maintain important relationships and talk to them.

Maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily.


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