Ihab Tawfiq: A singer, I don’t work and he threw it in my house. Know the story


Singer Ihab Tawfiq spoke through his meeting with the Sheikh of Al-Hara and Al-Jareya program, which is shown on the Cairo Channel and the People, and revealed that a singer visited him at his home without knowing the reason for that visit, and explained that after that visit, he learned that this singer threw him He worked at home.

The most important statements of Ihab Tawfiq in the Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Darara program:

And he confirmed that he was exposed to strange things and facts after this act, and he said after that, the goodness of Baz, and revealed Ihab Tawfiq In his speech, he said, this singer is from the next generation, and he does not know the reason for that act, but through the events of the episode, the sheikh of the neighborhood surprised the singer, with that incident and his knowledge of it.

He stressed through his statements and said that his house turned black afterwards, and he also knows the sheikh whom Ihab Tawfiq resorted to to nullify the magic of this work, and here the singer confirmed that he actually searched for more than one sheikh to help him decipher this magic, to return his life as it was.

But he did not reach a solution so far, and he made it clear that he did not do anything for this singer, and even when he meets him on any occasion he does not reproach him or open this subject with him in the first place, and stressed that until now no one has reached to help him decipher this work or even know to do Anything regarding him, our Lord said is stronger than all.


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