Ihab Tawfiq: I performed in the nineties higher than the current festivals singers


08:39 PM

Sunday 02 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Jumaa:

Singer Ihab Tawfiq said that he will be strong on the artistic scene in the coming period, through new songs and clips for him.

Tawfiq added, during his interview with director Enas El-Deghidi, on the “Sheikh of the Warm and the Daring” program, broadcast on the “Cairo and the People” satellite channel, on Sunday evening, that the prices of festivals singer’s concerts are currently not higher than the prices of his concerts in the past, following: “What I used to take in The 1990s are higher than their current wages. “

Tawfiq added, “Mahraganat’s music appeals to the listeners, and people continue to hear a mistake and love the brutal need .. The audience must be taken to hear the festivals well through good music and good distributors.”

And he added, “Worried about the festivals singing, people will say your date’s ice cream,” noting that the song “The Neighbor’s Girl” has many wrong words, but the melody is good.


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