Ihab Tawfiq in the video, I will not compete with Hani Shaker for the position of captain of the musicians, madam


The singer denied Ihab TawfiqAll reports about his intention to run for the Syndicate of Musical Professions for the seat of the musicians ’singer, which is currently occupied by singer Hani Shaker, stressing that he is not suitable for administrative positions. The Egyptian lyricist, although he was a star of the first grade singers.

Ihab Tawfiq
Ihab Tawfiq stalling his return to singing aggressively

Tawfiq said during an interview with the program Sheikh warm and daring Presented by director Inas El Degheidy via satellite Cairo and peopleSunday evening, the artist Hani Shaker belongs to the generation of the seventies, but he is still present confidently and in a beautiful voice and with live works today, describing his voice as resembling a diamond.

And about his candidacy as a captain of the musicians, he explained that he is not good at management, commenting on the idea of ​​his candidacy for the House of Representatives: the idea of ​​this, thank God, I walked, indicating that one of his friends was the one who enthusiastic about this idea.

Ihab Tawfiq revealed the scenes of his crisis with Sherine Abdel Wahab on the sidelines of her disagreement with Amr Diab, stressing that what bothered him from the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab was that she misunderstood what he said in his comment on her disagreement with the artist Amr Diab, explaining that he had nothing to do with the two parties, but was annoyed by talk.

He added that the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab stated that there are no singers in Egypt other than the artists Tamer Hosni and Mohamed Hamaki in Egypt, and he said: She wants to confuse someone else in this way, and indicated that she is involved in the crisis because he saw that her statements affect all artists of the generation.

Ihab Sir revealed that his shares had declined in the recent period, explaining that during a period of his career, he was not surrounded by an efficient team, which made him affected a lot.

But at the same time he accused unnamed parties that they tried to obstruct his artistic career in all ways, and confirmed that there are people in the field of singing in Egypt who hate his return to singing again, so as not to cause them to compete or worry, saying: I faced a conspiracy, and I was hurt in the end of my work Harmful need at home.

Tawfiq confirmed that he will have a strong artistic presence during the coming period, after Eid Al Fitr, by presenting new songs and clips to him, indicating that the prices of festivals singers are not higher than him, and that the prices of his concerts have a big difference from the prices of festivals singers.

Tawfiq commented on the scene of the artist Chico reviewing his songs in a comic manner in the movie “Samir, Shahir and Bahir, saying: I met with him on the northern coast and talked with him about this scene, and I took him with a hug and the scene is historical.”

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