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Singer Ihab Tawfiq confirmed that he will have a strong artistic presence during the coming period after the Eid through new songs and clips for him, indicating that the prices of festivals singers are not higher than him and the prices of his concerts have a big difference from the prices of festivals singers.

Ihab Tawfiq, during his interview with the “Sheikh of the Warm and the Daring” program, with director Inas El-Deghidi, broadcast on the “Cairo and the People” screen, said that during the opening of his project, he used to monitor the prices of singers to perform during the month of Ramadan, stressing that his prices have a big difference As for festivals, follow-up: “What you took in the nineties is higher than them now.”

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Ihab Tawfiq indicated that there is no contact or agreement between him and the singer Amr Diab, and there is no disagreement between them, saying: “There is no friendship between us, and there is jealousy in dealing with him, but he is older than me in singing.” On the singing scene it doesn’t happen often.

He continued: “We are old and we are young people, we used to play soccer with each other and attend concerts, and suddenly the world went up.”

It is worth noting that the chapters of the “Sheikh of the Hara and the Daring” program of the fifth season contain the following paragraphs: “The danger triangle, your biography on every tongue, your temperature, black and white, Sheikh Al Hara, Enemy and No lover, what if, the critical moment.”

The program’s team also surprised the guests of the “Sheikh Al Hara” episodes at the end of the episode by transferring them to the virtual world.

“Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Jareda” daily in the blessed month of Ramadan, immediately after Maghrib azan at 6:25 pm and the repeat at 12 midnight.

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