Ihab Tawfiq: The composer “M.kh” has been canceled. From My Life … We recorded a song and gave it to Ragheb Alama | Video


The artist, Ihab Tawfiq, is a guest of director Inas El-Deghidi in the Sunday episode of the program “Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Jarida”, broadcast on the Cairo Channel and Al-Nas.

The channel’s account on the “Facebook” site showed, before the episode, an interview in which Ihab Tawfiq revealed that he had canceled a composer from his life several years ago, because the composer “M.Kh.” He agreed with him to record a song, and after recording, he refused to hand him over to the song, and gave it to another singer, Ragheb Alama.

Ihab Tawfiq said that the most embarrassing situation he was subjected to was the blackout from the theater while he was presenting the song “Ada Al-Layl” for the first time in Alexandria, in a live concert, and the musicians were unable to read the musical score of the song.

Ihab Tawfiq added that the most difficult moment in his life was the fire that broke out in his house last year, and his father died because of it, and from that moment everything changed in his life.

It is noteworthy that the program “Sheikh Al Hara and the Daring” will be shown at 6:25 pm, and the repetition at 12 am.


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