Imad Muharram was transferred to the intensive care unit and placed on a respirator | news


Artist Imad Muharram suffered a health crisis, which necessitated his transfer to the hospital and his admission to intensive care.

A muharram was placed on a respirator inside the intensive care room 3 days ago in an isolation hospital in October, on suspicion of being infected with the Corona virus, after the oxygen level decreased to 72%, according to his wife’s statements to the Al-Watan newspaper website.

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Imad Muharram felt a few days ago with heart muscle pain and the inability to breathe, and he took two swabs, the results of which were negative, and he is expected to perform another smear, and if the result is negative as well, he will be transferred to another hospital far from those with Corona.

Imad Muharram was famous for the character of “Shamandi” in the movie “The Goblins”, and he had stirred up a great controversy last year after he appeared in a video in which he revealed the secret of the movie “The Goblins”.

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