“In compliance with the precautionary measures,” the family of the late Ahmed Bahgat acknowledges


09:18 PM

Saturday May 29, 2021

Books – Mohamed Emara:

A source in the family of the late businessman Ahmed Bahgat said that the family decided to cancel the condolences for the late, scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, due to the continued precautionary measures due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, and in compliance with the decisions of the Council of Ministers.

The source added, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy” that a funeral was scheduled for the late in the city of Dreamland, but the family decided, fearing for the attendees, to cancel it, in respect of the precautionary measures.

The Bahjat Group of Companies announced on Friday, May 21st, the death of Bahjat, in the United States of America, at the age of 70, after suffering from a number of chronic diseases.

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