In conjunction with the festive celebrations … urgent directives from the Ministry of Health


In an attempt to limit the spread of the new Corona virus in light of the celebrations of holidays and religious occasions in Egypt, the Minister of Health and Population, Damtura Hala Zayed, has directed to continuously intensify health awareness and education campaigns for citizens in various governorates at the level of the Republic, to increase awareness of the precautionary and preventive measures for Corona virus through communication teams Community and health education, which began its work in the governorates of Sohag and Assiut during the past week.

According to the official page of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the minister said that community communication teams will be deployed in the governorates (Cairo, Giza, Qalyubia, Qena) starting from today, Sunday, to provide health awareness to citizens.

She indicated that the Ministry’s community communication teams provided health awareness to 1,200 citizens and tourists with preventive and precautionary measures, and the importance of receiving the Corona virus vaccine, in the Red Sea Governorate, during the past Friday and Saturday, within the framework of the Ministry’s keenness to raise health awareness among citizens in conjunction with the celebrations of holidays and religious occasions. .

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Assistant Minister of Health and Population for Information and Awareness and the official spokesperson of the ministry, said that a team of community outreach has been deployed during the past two days in the various neighborhoods in Hurghada, including gathering places, markets and public transport stops, in addition to traffic to tourist villages and beaches, to provide awareness services to citizens. And tourists frequent those places.

Mujahid emphasized that the community communication teams are educating citizens and tourists about the importance of adhering to preventive and precautionary measures for the Coronavirus (wearing a muzzle, washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing, being in well-ventilated places, and going immediately to the hospital in the event that any symptoms of Corona virus appear. Awareness is also being made about the importance of receiving Coronavirus vaccines, whether for citizens or workers in the tourism sector, which contributes to limiting the spread of the Corona virus and preserving the public health of citizens.

He pointed out that 10 mobile clinics in Hurghada, especially in tourist areas, have been distributed, including medical teams, to provide medical and educational services to citizens and tourists as part of the initiative of the President of the Republic for early detection of chronic diseases and nephropathy and dispensing of treatment to patients free of charge, adding that preventive supplies are distributed to citizens and include ( Respirators, disinfectants).

He pointed out that the public health initiatives under the slogan (100 million health) provided medical services to 195,644 citizens in the Red Sea Governorate for free, which contributed to improving the public health of the citizens in the governorate and reducing injuries and deaths during the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mujahid emphasized that the community communication teams are also educating citizens and workers in hotels and tourist places in the Red Sea Governorate about the importance of receiving Corona virus vaccines to protect them from the risk of infection with the virus and for the benefit of the public health of society, explaining that 27 thousand and 991 received the Corona virus vaccine, including 23 thousand And 579 workers in the tourism sector were included in the vaccination of workers in major economic activities in the country.

The Health Challenger appealed to the citizens to go to the nearest hospital belonging to the Ministry of Health and Population in the governorate in the event of feeling any symptoms of Corona virus, or to call the hotline (105) to receive inquiries, stressing the importance of periodic follow-up of home isolation patients of their health status by sending text messages with the word Isolated at (1440).


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