In India, police are accused of withdrawing oxygen cylinders from hospitals


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The “Daily Mail” newspaper reported that an Indian woman with Corona died two hours after the police pulled an oxygen cylinder in which she was breathing in a hospital, in order to present it to an important person.

She added, despite the woman’s son’s pleading and crying, the security forces did not respond, and the newspaper stated that the patient’s son obtained the cylinder in a special way, to save his mother after the hospital ran out of oxygen, and despite that the police took her, who denied this and said that what she took was an empty cylinder that was done Take it to be refilled.

A video clip was circulated showing a person, said to be the son of the deceased patient, kneeling and begging police officers to return the cylinder to his mother, and two people carrying the oxygen cylinder were shown in the video. To take her to the side of the police.

India recorded more than 401,000 cases in the past 24 hours.

The world’s infections have exceeded 150 million since the pandemic began.

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