In pictures – in the first comment after her return … Houria Farghali recalls: “They used to tell me the witch of the south.”


The plastic surgeries that the Egyptian actress Horeya Farghali underwent in her nose, receiving the attention of a large number of followers. This was evidenced by the media interest in her return from the United States of America.

In this context, ET Arabic reported that a number of lovers gathered to receive a mermaid and take memorial photos with her. They tell me the witch of the south. ”

It is noteworthy that Farghali underwent the fourth and final operation in her nose at the hands of the American international doctor Priumi in a Chicago state hospital.

Before this, she had a third surgery, after two more. All operations were successful, noting that during the first stem cells and bones were extracted from the rib cage and implanted in the nose to restore its natural shape, while it was carved out during the second.

The artist is scheduled to return to the United States in August 2021 to undergo a fifth operation.


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