In response to Maha Ahmad .. Ahmad Al-Selkawi narrates a humanitarian stand with Amir Karara regarding “The Choice” news


The artist Ahmed Al-Selkawi responded to the attack on the artist Amir Karara by the artist Maha Ahmed, accusing him of being arrogant and not standing by her through a post on Facebook.

Ahmed Al-Selkawi published a picture that Amir Karara collects on Facebook praising his positions with his colleagues and he is among them, and he cited a position that he brought together in the scenes of the series “The Choice”, saying, “I do not need a testimony from me about the extent of his stubbornness and his love for people in order to talk to him, but there is something like saying who The love of his god is a love in which his creation is, I will talk about a small thing that can not be important to people, but a task for any actor.

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“The last year I did a scene in the epic of choice with him. All of Egypt I spoke about the scene, thank God. I walked, because I am a shared actor, but my presence alongside terrible charisma like him in one scene. His effect was great, before the scene, which was a monologue to Leah. He cuts him short sentences from him … He prefers to do rehearsals with me and (he does not need) until we filmed it. ”

He continued, “The name of the character was different (a little old). You did not like the name, and I was upset with him. He sat thinking with me, so that we would suggest the name.

The artist Maha Ahmed had launched an attack on two of her colleagues in the artistic community in a post on Facebook, describing them as service-oriented, For full statements, click here

On the other hand, the artist Amir Karara responded to this attack, explaining that he had never met her. For a full answer click here

Al-Saqas sister also launched a counter-attack on the artist, describing her as hateful, For full statements, click here

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