In Tel Aviv, casualties increased to 40 as a result of Palestinian shelling


12:54 AM

Wednesday 12 May 2021


The number of injuries due to the missile strikes on the city of Tel Aviv from the Gaza Strip to 40 people, according to “Sky News” Arabia.

And the Qassam Brigades of the Palestinian resistance movement “Hamas” announced on Tuesday evening that the missile strike that targeted Tel Aviv and its suburbs was carried out with heavy “Al-Attar” missiles.

And “Al-Qassam” said in a brief statement through its account on the “Telegram” application that one of the missile bursts targeted “Ben Gurion” airport directly.

And returned “Ben Gurion” airport in Tel Aviv to work this evening after a pause for several hours due to missile strikes from the Gaza Strip.

And the Tel Aviv authorities stopped, earlier in the day, all flights at “Ben Gurion” airport, after missile strikes from Gaza targeted Tel Aviv.

The “Times of Israel” newspaper reported in its English version that the planes were directed to land in Cyprus temporarily due to the continued missile strikes on central Israel from the Strip.

Tensions escalated between Israel and the Palestinians during the past two days, due to the Israeli violations and crimes in occupied Jerusalem, for which the resistance granted the occupation army a time to end it.

The resistance responded by bombing settlements in the envelope of the Gaza Strip with dozens of rockets today and yesterday, and the occupation army responded with raids on the Gaza Strip, some of which targeted civilians and civilian residential buildings as well as leaders of the Palestinian resistance.

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