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What if Mohamed Salah left the English club Liverpool and came to join the club that plays in his village in Tanta ?! .. Will he achieve the same results that he achieved a while ago in the English club ?! .. It will never happen even if he lived playing for a hundred years .. And the same is the case. If Messi left Barcelona club, then returned to one of the local clubs in his country, Argentina!.

What applies to Salah and Messi applies to the same degree to the Argentine Maradona of his time, and applies to Beckenbauer after him in Germany, and applies to Pele in Brazil, and applies to every other player of the weight of these big names in the world of football!.

The meaning is that the ball is a team in the end, and that what Salah does is complemented by the performance of a player running next to him, and what they do together on the field is complete with consistent performance at the level of the whole team .. If Salah does not play with a team close to his level, his effort will still be poured out the cup!.

What is said about the world of stadiums in football, or in any other ball, is said in the same sense and the same outcome from the world of politics, in which the result of performance in it does not differ from that in the football stadium, in terms of the introductions, in terms of results, and in terms of the path connecting each introduction And show the result!.

When I cited the example of Eng. Rashid, as a successful Minister of Industry before January 25, I did not mention that his success was due to a wider ministerial team that he was joining with others, as well as to his assistants whom he had chosen to be an aid not a burden on him.!.

I do not want to go to mention the names of those who were joining the ministerial team, but I want to mention that the growth rate was high during the government of Ahmed Nazif, and that its height was not falling on the government during its days from the sky that did not rain growth, but rather a growth that resulted from an scrutiny of Selecting the members of the ministerial team, and then on the team’s ability to perform integrated … I still believe that what happened on January 25 was aimed in part at blocking the country if you will.!.

This is not a challenge to the current government, nor is it a reduction in the effort of Dr. Madbouly’s government, but the intention is that the country deserves better performance than what is happening in some of its ministries, especially the Ministry of Education, then the Ministry of Health, and with them the Ministry of Industry for example .. I ask about The relationship of performance in the Ministry of Industry, with the president’s ambition to achieve one hundred billion dollars in exports annually .. I ask and leave the answer to the bodies that undertake the evaluation.!.

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