In the Easter Mass … Pope Tawadros sends a message to Ethiopia regarding “S.


11:45 PM

Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Mina Ghaly:

His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, Pope of Alexandria, Patriarch of Saint Mark Episcopate, sent a message to the State of Ethiopia regarding the Renaissance Dam crisis, during his sermon at the glorious Easter Mass, which is now held at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Abbasia.

The Pope said: “We raise students for the sake of the Renaissance Dam, and we hope for a solution that satisfies everyone,” pointing out that Ethiopia is a sister country in our African continent, and that is why we call on Ethiopia, the government and people, to participate, cooperate and develop, so that we all work as brothers in the eternal river for the sake of all peoples. .

Pope Tawadros added: “We pray that God will succeed in good and diplomatic efforts so that we do not resort to any other efforts. Water is a divine gift that God has given to the peoples for thousands of years, and the Nile River on whose banks have been living are countries since the dawn of history. It guarantees development for all peoples, and we hope to live in a state of peace and growth. “

Pope Tawadros added: “Life teaches us that battles do not bear fruit, and in every Mass we pray for the Nile River, confident that the hand of God will work in this crisis.”

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