In the video, a psychiatrist warns mothers about the fate of Amina Khalil, Madam


Dr. Muhammad Al-Mahdi, a professor of psychiatry at Al-Azhar University, advised mothers to follow the series “Keep your mind from Zizi” shown in the Egyptian series Ramadan 2021, pointing out that the character of the work heroine Amina Khalil The alarm is ringing in front of the consequences of neglecting the treatment of ADHD.

Amina Khalil
Amina Khalil introduces the character of a girl who has not been treated for movement disorder

Al-Mahdi thanked the makers of the series in an intervention “with the program” Al-Masry Effendi “broadcast on the satellite channel” Al-Mehwar “, pointing out that the actions of Zizi (Amina Khalil), which caused the destruction of her home, was caused by neglecting her treatment of mental disorder and hyperactivity in her childhood.

He added, stressing that this mental disorder and hyperactivity affects about 6 to 10% of school children, or about 3 million children in Egypt alone, and is considered one of the most common diseases among children, despite the lack of awareness of this disorder.

He pointed out that this type of disorder causes his sufferers to suffer from attention deficit, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and all of this is evident in the child’s lack of focus in the study, and his permanent forgetfulness and distraction in attention, saying: He cannot focus on any need for a long time.

He continued, stressing that some affected children suffer from a delay in speaking, because the sounds do not fully reach him, due to hyperactivity and dispersion, and thus he suffers a delay in speech, and some believe that the child suffers from autism, and not psychological disorder and hyperactivity disease.

He warned against ignoring the treatment of the disease, saying: Many parents deny that hyperactivity is a disease and needs psychological treatment, because the affected child is subjected to severe punishment, whether at home or in school, or anywhere, and he will be rejected by his colleagues, and he is exposed to violence, as a result of their actions that are not Knowing is controlling it, and this increases the seriousness and complications of his condition.

He pointed out that the series presents all the symptoms and complications of the disease embodied in the character of Zizi, and also presents the first symptoms of the disease in the character of the child Tito.

The series “Leave Your Mind From Zizi”, starring Amina Khalil, Muhammad Mamdouh, Ali Qassem, Safa Al-Toukhi, Salwa Muhammad Ali and Noha Abdeen, written by a narration workshop, supervising writing by Maryam Naoum, screenplay and dialogue of Mona El-Shimi and Majdi Amin, and directed by Karim El-Shenawi.

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