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Friday, May 21, 2021

Dialogue – Muhammad Amer:

In light of Alexandrias preparations to reopen its 66 beaches tomorrow, Saturday, for the first time in about 420 days, due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

“Masrawy” met Major General Gamal Rashad, Head of the Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts in Alexandria, to find out all the preparations and the first 100% free beach and prices, and to the text of the dialogue:

First of all, how many beaches and prices for Alexandria?

We have 66 beaches in Alexandria divided into 4 categories, the first being the public beaches run by the Central Administration for Tourism and Resorts, and the ticket value per person is only EGP 5 including all services.

The second category is “beaches of service for those who request it” and the entry price is 10 pounds. Here, if a citizen has beach equipment, he does not pay anything, but if he orders an umbrella and 4 chairs, he pays 10 pounds.

It is followed by the distinctive beaches and the entry price per person is 15 pounds, and the highest category is the tourist beaches with an entry ticket of 25 pounds, which is more distinctive and for those seeking privacy, such as Stanley Beach.

How did the idea of ​​allocating a 100% free beach for the people of Alexandria come about?

Since Major General Muhammad al-Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, assumed his duties in 2019, and from the first moments of his assumption of responsibility, he has requested the allocation of a full free beach for the people and visitors of the city, and it is not necessary to collect sums of money from the pioneers in all beaches.

What are the features of the free Mandara Beach?

Mandara Beach, with an area of ​​230 meters, is located about a kilometer before the walls of the Montazah Palace, and includes 3 gates, large sandy areas and a huge canopy of 25 meters in length and 15 meters in width, in addition to the availability of the necessary equipment such as sun umbrellas, chairs and tables.

The beach includes a medical point, an administration office, 2 toilets and locker rooms, and is supervised by a group of observers and a large number of rescuers and paramedics.

He added: Once again, no one pays any sums in the Mandara beach .. With the implementation of the precautionary measures, the beach will accommodate about 1,500 citizens, and the beach will be closed as soon as the number is completed, to prevent overcrowding in order to preserve the health of the citizens.

How can a citizen know whether there is a vacant place on the beaches or not?

We have a site and “application” on “Google Play” through which the citizen can know the beach he wants to go to, the percentage of occupancy, whether 50%, 70% or the entire number, and there are no vacant places .. Therefore, another beach can be chosen from among the 66 beaches. In Alexandria … bearing in mind that occupancy rates are being updated moment by moment through the observers on the beaches.

To educate citizens..What are the precautionary controls that will be followed on the beaches of Alexandria?

The controls include requiring crews of beach workers to wear masks, educating citizens to wear the masks when they are on the sands of the beach, distributing awareness leaflets to beach goers to remind beachgoers of the measures to be taken, and alerting beach sales outlets using disposable tools when serving drinks or food.

There is a commitment to having a temperature meter at the gates of the beaches, to ensure that there are 4 meters in between each parasol, and to continuously and permanently sterilize the dressing units and toilets.

How will the Tourism and Resorts Department control the beaches and ensure that the precautionary measures are implemented?

We held a meeting with the tenants of all the beaches, and each tenant or his representative signed a declaration of commitment to the controls and instructions issued by the Council of Ministers .. As soon as the beaches are opened, we will start conducting periodic campaigns throughout the day to inspect the beaches .. If we spot any breach, a fine will be imposed on the tenant. After two fines, the contract must be canceled … which are great losses, and I do not think that one of them will take any risks and commit any mistake.

How will people who have symptoms on the beach be dealt with?

In most beaches, we have medical points that have a paramedic who is qualified to deal with sick cases by conducting first aid and necessary until the patient is transferred to the nearest hospital, in addition to the availability of oxygen cylinders.

What is the message that you send to visitors and visitors to the beaches of Alexandria?

The first and most important message is to help us confront the attempts to blackmail and impose sums in excess of the ticket price, and to report immediately … I tell them not to bow to these, and we are able to help you, and the punishment for the violator reaches the termination of the contract, and the summer before the past we broke two beaches for this reason.

Beach entry prices are announced on the administration page, the beach gate and tickets, do not pay more or tips … and do not worry. Our offices are the beaches throughout the summer … and finally, keep your safety and abide by the precautionary measures .. You don’t want to come enjoy the sea and walk sick.

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