In the video – Hamdi Al-Wazir reveals the reason for his two daughters’ acting work


The artist, Hamdi Al-Wazir, said that his two daughters, May and Samer, are educated and interested in humanity, and read well in literature and other fields.

He added, during televised statements, that he did not put red lines for his two daughters in case they wanted to enter the artistic field, but they chose another field, explaining that no one put red lines for him during his upbringing.

Hamdi Al-Wazir added that he does not get angry at the widespread comics about the famous “harassment” movement, explaining that the person must accommodate those around him, so that he does not get tired, because society has psychiatric patients and other healthy people.

On the other hand, the minister narrated behind the scenes of his position and his colleagues during the resignation of President Abdel Nasser, saying: It is the day the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser stepped down, he was a member of the Port Said Culture Palace, following the leader’s speech, and if they were surprised by his stepping down from power, which made him shout: We will fight, and the whole squad went out on the street saying we will fight. ”

It is noteworthy that Hamdi al-Wazir has participated in several distinguished works such as “The Bus Driver”, “Al-Takhsheba” and “Ra`fat Al-Hagan”. He also worked as a director of plays and won a number of awards during his career.


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