In the video, Laila Ahmed Zahir, in a difficult comparison with Sherihan, my lady


The young artist developed Laila Ahmed Zaher Itself in a difficult comparison with the star SherihanAfter she released a video on her account on the TikTok website, imitating the new Sherihan advertisement, and the video was circulated on social media with comments confirming that Laila wants to nominate her name to present the Fawazir Ramadan.

Laila Zaher
Did Laila Zaher succeed in imitating Sherihan? (Image via Instagram)

Laila, who recently starred in the series “In Our House, Robot” and was assigned the task of presenting the program “Hazer Fazr” instead of Hana Zahid, ventured to present the video clip and appeared in her house dancing the same way Sherihan and in the background the voice of the great artist as she sang in the famous advertisement, and she was received. The video received a warm welcome from the links of Lailas fans, but with its spread, negative comments appeared, confirming that the young artist cannot be compared to the star Sherihan and does not have her ability to review nor lightness of her shadow, and they asked her to forget the dream of presenting the fountains in the coming years.

It is noteworthy that the star Sherihan was at the forefront of the most searched on social networking sites, and the most viewed trend one hour after the presentation of her first advertisement after a complete absence from her audience for 19 years, and a large number of social media users were affected by the idea of ​​the advertisement that shortened the story of Sherihan’s suffering in 30 years. Just a second.

The advertisement revolves around the idea of ​​how her stardom began with a dream of fame, then entering the world of shows with the fountains, and the end of this dream after being exposed to a car accident that caused her to undergo several back surgeries, and then her famous health crisis, and how she overcame all these difficulties and returned to shine again.

Sherihan presented the advertisement in her distinctive manner and was inspired by the atmosphere of Fawazir, A Thousand and One Nights, with the participation of a dancing troupe that had previously participated with her in filming her not-yet-shown play “Coco Chanel”.

Sherihan pre-empted the ad by sending an influential message to her audience, who had supported her since her absence in 2002, following her difficult health crisis, and said that she was waiting for the moment to return to entertain this audience with impatience.

Sherihan published the full message through her account on Facebook and Twitter, and said: I am living a sincere human moment, a moment of bowing thanks from my heart and my age to all of you without arrangement or exception, a moment that I waited so long for a beautiful response in my neck from September 2002, my feelings are all confused but happy.

She continued, saying: I used to write, with books and books, letters that are not known to anyone but my Lord, and I sent them to you, and I dreamed of a second embracing me and a bow, thanking all of you, but all of them were from one side. If only for me .. I wanted to enter a house, an alley, a street, a street, every neighborhood, a city, and a village ..

And she continued: On these noble days and this great month, I want to tell you that I am more than thankful. You loved me, you respected me, you embraced me, and with your love and prayers you healed me and still you cured me

She concluded her message by saying: Thank you and 100 million bows of thanks and a kiss on everyone’s forehead, starting from the youngest child and Egyptian citizen to the last person in the world .. Thank you, Sherihan is from you and you and forever .. Your love is the life of Ramadan Kareem.

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