In the video – the voice of Menna Arafa exposes her to hurtful criticism, and her real age shockes the audience


The superstar Menna Arafa surprised her followers by announcing her real age by celebrating her 22nd birthday, with a photo that she published on the “Instagram” application.

The Egyptian artist appeared in the picture, sitting on a sofa inside her house wearing pajamas and sitting next to her two dogs, and the place behind her was decorated with golden balloons bearing the number 22, in reference to her age.

Menna commented on the photo: “Happy birthday to me … 22 … amazing.” A large number of stars and her fans interacted with the picture, and comments that congratulated her on her birth poured over her, and many of her followers expressed their surprise that she had grown up and became a young woman of this age, noting that her image remains engraved in the minds as a little girl.

On the other hand, Menna was exposed to a wave of criticism and ridicule after participating in an advertisement presented during the month of Ramadan, in which the young woman sang “rap” as if she was standing in a studio to photograph a work, but she could not wake up because she slept on the comfortable mattress. Many viewers expressed their annoyance at the advertisement, describing it as a “provocative” and that Mennas singing voice was “annoying.”


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