Including pornographic films .. 9 unexpected things were discovered inside Osama bin Laden’s hideout


May 2, 2011 was not ordinary, as it witnessed the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden by US forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

At that time, US special forces stormed bin Laden’s hideout, in a qualitative military operation, and were able to liquidate it. After that, the military was able to collect “an enormous personal treasure for bin Laden” in his place of residence. Since then, the CIA has made available a large portion of the material found.

In this context, the “history” website published a list of unexpected things that were discovered in Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan. In fact, these things reveal the personality of the former Al Qaeda leader in the first place, and some of them will shock many.
Bin Laden’s messages carefully protected

The compound in which bin Laden lived lacked access to the Internet and phone lines, as this posed a great threat to his personal safety.

In fact, bin Laden was saving his messages on a hard drive, and someone would then transfer him and send his content from an internet cafe.Bin Laden’s Diary

Bin Laden had a 228-page diary in which he recorded the ideas he had expressed to his family members between February and April of 2011.

The diaries revealed bin Laden’s thoughts about the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings that broke out in many countries.

Wedding video of his son Hamza

Likewise, US forces found a video clip from the wedding of Hamzah bin Laden, son of the former al-Qaeda leader, in Iran. “The only picture we had of Hamza before the video was released, it was showing him when he was young,” says Bill Roggio of Long War Journal. “Hamzah was preparing to take on a leadership position, so seeing him at an old age and as an adult was something of a problem.” very important”.

Video Games

A series of video games downloaded and saved on computers at Osama bin Laden’s compound indicate that the latter, or anyone else who lived in the place, was a fan of video games.

The CIA files showed that the al Qaeda leader had downloads of popular games such as “Half-Life”, “Super Mario Bros”, “Yoshi’s Island DS”, “Final Fantasy VII”, “Dragon Ball Z” and “Counter-Strike.” .

Videos of bin Laden giving public speeches

During his escape and in hiding from view, bin Laden released a number of pre-recorded videos of him, through which he directed to his followers.

“Live broadcasting is a traceable activity, so bin Laden used to pre-record letters and hand them over to a courier for distribution. Recording these videos in advance enabled him to precisely control his public image,” says Roggio.

Disney movies

Bin Laden has had a lot of “Disney” movies in his compound, including “Antz,” “Cars,” “Chicken Little,” and “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.”


Much porn was discovered on hard drives that bin Laden kept. A National Geographic documentary showed that bin Laden may have communicated with his terrorist followers through messages encoded in pornographic videos.

However, forensic psychologist and CIA expert Reed Meloy noted that despite all of his claims of religiosity, bin Laden may have been just an ordinary man who wanted to indulge in “self-pleasing actions.”

Documentary films about himself

It seems that Osama bin Laden was very curious to know how public opinion saw him, and what works, writings and films highlighted him. During the storming of his residence, several films about him were found on his computer, including the biography of Osama bin Laden and the 2008 comedy documentary “Where’s Osama Bin Laden in the World?”

Books on conspiracy theories

Osama bin Laden’s personal library was full of surprises, as he owned many books on American military and diplomatic history, such as “Obamas Wars” by Bob Woodwards, “Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies” by Noam Chomsky, and “The US and Vietnam 1787-” 1941 ″ by Robert Hopkins Miller.

“It was important for bin Laden to understand his enemy and his way of thinking,” says Roggio. Nevertheless, bin Laden’s hideout included a book on conspiracy theories such as “The Committee of 300” and “The Illuminati.”


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