India disaster: Hospitals demand judicial intervention to provide oxygen … and the Supreme Court punishes those who fail (photos)


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The disastrous wave of Corona virus continues to sweep India, and 13 opposition parties demand the government to launch a free vaccination campaign in addition to ensuring the uninterrupted flow of oxygen to hospitals. And several district hospitals demanded to intervene to provide oxygen supplies in New Delhi, where the closure period was extended for a week in an attempt to contain the wave of the spread of the virus.

A report by the Associated Press said Monday that the New Delhi Supreme Court will begin punishing government officials if hospital supplies of oxygen are not delivered.

Mass cremations of the dead from the Coronavirus in India
A large spread of Corona virus in India, and the crowd of infected people in hospitals

India recorded 368,147 new cases of infection today, while the deaths reached 3,417 people, which are numbers that experts confirmed are much less than the real numbers, due to the lack of widespread examination, as well as the incomplete reports that monitor injuries.

The report quoted the Ministry of Health as saying that it had confirmed 19.9 million cases of “Covid-19” since the beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic, thus coming in second place after the United States, which in turn recorded more than 32.4 million cases.

Mass cremations of the dead from the Coronavirus in India
Mass cremations of the dead from the Coronavirus in India
Mass cremations of the dead from the Coronavirus in India

The report stated that 24 patients with Covid-19 died today in government hospitals in the southern state of Karnataka alone, amid reports of lack of oxygen, but it is not clear how many died due to lack of oxygen, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered an investigation in this regard.

Modi’s government is facing severe criticism over its handling of this crisis, which has pushed the already weak and underfunded Indian health system to the edge, as his ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and other parties have organized rallies and rallies, as well as a huge Indian festival on the banks of the Ganges River Which may have exacerbated the spread of the virus, as the experts suggested, adding that the new strains of Corona would increase the number of cases as well.

An archive photo
An archive photo
An archive photo

India kicked off its vaccination campaign on Saturday for those aged 18 to 44, a colossal feat that limited supplies have crippled.

India is the largest producer of vaccines, but despite this, continuous efforts to vaccinate people over the age of 45 have not yet borne fruit.

10% of the Indians received one dose of the Corona vaccine, while 1.5% received the required two doses.

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