Infographic .. The new planning and construction controls and requirements after the start of their application in 27 centers and cities


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The state began the experimental application of the new system of permits and building and planning requirements in 27 centers and cities in the governorates, which were selected, starting today May 1, 2021, for a period of two months, in implementation of the directives of the political leadership and the prime minister’s mandates to control the construction system and the governance of the building permit system in all governorates to stop the chaos of permits.

Al-Masry Al-Youm publishes an infographic on the new planning and construction controls and requirements for Egyptian cities, in the form of a guide for citizens wishing to apply for new building permits in cities, prepared by the Ministries of Local Development and Housing, Higher Education and Planning.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development, said in press statements on Saturday that these new requirements were agreed upon and came after several months of study, review and continuous meetings between the ministries of local development, housing, utilities, urban communities, higher education, scientific research, planning and economic development, and the presentation to the Chairman of the Council Ministers, the Local Administration and Housing Committees in the House of Representatives, and the heads of the parliamentary bodies of the parties, in a seminar for community dialogue organized by the General Secretariat of the «Future of the Nation» party.

The minister emphasized that the state seeks to reach the best ways to control the urbanization system and the governance of the licensing system to eliminate random construction and stop the chaos of licenses, in a way that achieves the interest of the homeland and citizens and creates a life with an outlet for citizens and the organization of the general shape.

The Minister of Local Development added that the requirements and the new system will be applied to Egyptian cities and neighborhoods, and new licensing applications will not be accepted except with a publicized contract, directing the governors to the necessity of continuous follow-up to the implementation of the new system in the technological centers of cities and neighborhoods selected for experimental application, especially after completing during the past periods of cadre training processes. Local participation in the implementation of workers, through training courses and workshops at the Ministry of Higher Education and the Local Development Center for Training in Saqqara, in coordination with the Ministries of Housing and Planning.

He pointed out that the governors have issued decisions to form a committee to inspect each city and district headed by the head of the city or district and the membership of each of (Technology Center – Engineering Department – Urban Planning – Legal Affairs – Spatial Variables Unit – Financial Department) and is concerned with reviewing the issued licenses and managing the urban system, whether They were (new – escalation – demolition) licenses and all types of building permits.

The Minister of Local Development also directed the governors to use the authority granted to them in accordance with Article 135 bis of Law No. 119 of 2008 to override minor violations of the licenses that were examined according to the law beginning on April 15th, pointing out that the governorates have formed a higher committee in the governorate headed by the deputy governor and membership (General Secretary or Assistant General Secretary – Director of the Housing Directorate – Director General of Urban Planning – Legal Adviser – A representative from the Administrative Control) This committee is concerned with managing the urban system in the governorate, supervising the application of the new licensing system and building and planning requirements, responding to inquiries related to it, and following up the governorate inspection committees The governor may add whomever he wants to be members of the committee.

Shaarawy also demanded to allow the resumption and completion of construction work for the valid licenses that were suspended after being examined by the committee formed in each governorate headed by the deputy governor and to ensure that they comply with the requirements and codes and the correct law.

The Minister of Local Development added that the centers and cities that have been selected in the governorates for the pilot implementation of the system are the eastern neighborhood of Nasr City, the district of South Giza, the center and city of Qaha, the district of Al-Muntazah, the first center and the city of Kafr El-Dawar, the city of Matrouh, the center and city of Quesna, the second district of Tanta, the center and the city of Sidi Salem, the center and the city of Faraskur and the center Talkha city, center and city of Arish, Sharm el-Sheikh, East district of Port Said governorate, third district of Ismailia, Suez district, Awal Zagazig district in Sharqia, center and city of Naser in Beni Suef, center and city of Minya, center and city of Fayoum, West Asyut district, center and city of Kharga in the New Valley, East Sohag district, center and city of Naqada in Qena and Aswan city center And the south district of Hurghada and the center and city of Bayadeya in Luxor.

Shaarawy confirmed that the implementation of the system will start on the rest of the Egyptian cities, starting from July 1, 2021, according to what the Prime Minister recently announced, pointing out that the trial operation of the new licenses program in the cities and neighborhoods selected by the implementing company has been completed, in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development. Adding that cooperation will be completed with the Ministry of Planning to automate and develop technological centers during the coming period.

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