Iranian Army announces construction of a drone with “unique features”


The Iranian Army announces the manufacture of a drone with

The Iranian Army announces the manufacture of a drone with “unique” features.

On Monday, the Iranian army’s ground force announced the success in manufacturing a new drone with “unique capabilities.”

During an event to display the plane, the Assistant Commander of the Iranian Army for Coordination Affairs, Admiral Habib Allah Sayyari, praised the achievements of the country’s military manufacturing sector, especially in the field of marches.

Sayyari said that the “Self-Sufficiency Jihad” section of the Land Force has succeeded in manufacturing a drone with unique features, including flying at high altitude, carrying a large volume of missiles, good range, ability to fight electronic warfare and resistance to electronic jamming.

He added, “The Self-Sufficiency Jihad Department in the Land Force has a proven track record and excellent experiences in meeting the needs of the army and the strength of locally manufactured weapons and equipment.”

He pointed out that this department has succeeded in manufacturing various types of troop carriers, armored vehicles, light weapons, communication equipment and electronic warfare.

In this context, the commander of the Iranian army, Major General Abdul Rahim Mousavi, in a speech during the graduation of a number of officers, confirmed that the country’s armed forces, in light of the tightening of the Western embargo on the country during the last two years, were able to produce various types of drones, boats, submarines, aircraft and anti-aircraft guns, depending on their capabilities and innovations. Its elements.

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