Iraq .. The disaster of “Ibn Al-Khatib” prompts the Minister of Health to resign


The fire broke out in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital Intended for treating patients Corona In Iraqiya, Baghdad, more than 80 people were killed, after oxygen canisters were not stored properly.

And before the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, On his resignation request Hassan TamimiAfter the issuance of the report of the investigation committee formed against the background of the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital incident.

And it was Iraqi Council of MinistersHas voted on the recommendations of the committee that was formed to investigate the Ibn Al-Khatib hospital fire accident, which was caused by an explosion Oxygen containers.

The committee’s recommendations included, “obligating the Ministry of Health to impose disciplinary penalties commensurate with the severity of the accident against each of the director of Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, Salman Ali, the administrative assistant Na`im Muzai`il, and the official of civil defense Ahmed Ali, and relieving them of their positions and downgrading the rank of the hospital director in accordance with the law.”.

It was also decided to exempt the Director General of Baghdad Health, Rusafa, from his post, and to oblige the Ministry of Health to take the necessary measures to implement this according to the law.

In addition to “ending the case of withdrawal of the hand stipulated in Cabinet Resolution No. (140 of 2021) against the Minister of Health and the Governor of Baghdad.”.

The committee also recommended to “oblige the Ministry of Health and its affiliates from all departments, hospitals and health institutions to apply the regulations, instructions and circulars in force, in a manner that guarantees the safety of patients, companions, auditors and medical staff, including adherence to the number of companions, determining visiting hours, selecting qualified personnel, and assigning them to the tasks of information and ensuring that safety requirements are met. And safety conditions such as early warning and fire extinguishing systems, and dealing firmly with violators and negligent in violating the Ministry’s law and instructions..

It also included “activating the text of Article 12 of the Third Amendment Law of the Governorates Not Organized in a Region Law No. 21 of 2008, to end the case of competency conflict between governorates and reference ministries with regard to health departments and general directorates of education, and obligating ministries and governorates to implement the text of the above article.”.


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