Is Mona Zaki’s divorce from Tyson in the Newton game correct? .. Amr Adeeb discusses the issue after it raised controversy


Since the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan, and with the follow-up of this season’s series, positive reactions have spread on social media to the number of these series, including the series “Newton’s Game”, starring the artist Mona Zaki, the artist Mohamed Mamdouh “Tyson” and Muhammad Farraj, and among the issues that have been raised. On social networking sites, the issue of “Mona Zaki’s divorce from Tyson and her marriage to Muhammad Farraj, is this correct or not, and divorce takes place or not?”

As the journalist, Amr Adeeb, said that the society’s conversation and his main question during the past few days was: Is Muhammad Mamdouh’s divorce from Mona Zaki true? .. Does oral divorce take place? .. Is it permissible to marry Muhammad Farraj, “Munis”?

For his part, Dr. Saad al-Din al-Hilali, Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University, said during a telephone intervention in the story program presented by the journalist Amr Adib, which is broadcast on MBC Egypt, that there are a number of notables of religious discourse insists on marginalizing the judiciary and the law, and considering them participants of the judiciary and the law. In the rule of society, by imposing their human opinion of the occurrence and calculation of verbal divorce for those who are officially married.

Al-Hilali added that the law’s job is to read jurisprudential differences and select the appropriate opinion, then decide and certify it and abide by everyone, indicating that there are those who dispute the law and the judiciary in the judgment of divorce whether or not it takes place, stressing that divorce through WhatsApp does not fall under the law, and the fatwa It is the opinion of its owner, not the opinion of the Sharia, commenting: the law is the aspects of jurisprudence in order to choose the best jurisprudential opinions, and adopt them.

Al-Hilali explained that the law does not consider this a divorce, and it is “nonsense.” He said: Jurisprudence is based on disagreement, but the law is based on resolving the disagreement, and there is a jurisprudential rule that says: “The ruling of the ruler interrupts divorce .. All fatwas must be canceled, and the sheikhs raised. Their hands on the ruling of divorce for those who are completely officially married, to act according to the law and all Egyptian judicial departments do not recognize the verbal court, so her marriage to Muhammad Farraj is invalid.

For her part, Dr. Amna Naseer, Professor of Faith and Philosophy at Al-Azhar University, said that such verbal divorce does not take place, neither legally nor legally, adding that it must be documented and registered to preserve women’s rights, and there are some men who hide from proving this fact, because they do not want to give the rights they deserve from Divorce, adding that it did not allow a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim, but rather analyzed the case.

On the one hand, Abdel Fattah Nassar, a lawyer and a specialist in family affairs, said that the Egyptian law is called the Law of Regulating Personal Status Matters, adding that the Egyptian state has believed for many years that it is necessary to regulate personal status matters, such as: marriage and divorce, and their documentation. She has the right to file a lawsuit proving divorce or filing a divorce lawsuit .. There must be proof of her official divorce before the judiciary and the law .. What happened in the series is not a divorce, but she has become accused of having married two spouses, and the waiting period for a divorced woman starts from the day this divorce is proven, adding that Divorce via WhatsApp or Facebook messages is one of the evidence that the wife relies on, that her husband has divorced her, so she files a lawsuit to prove the divorce.


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