Is Washington heading towards a military confrontation with Beijing? .. Blinken responds


In response to a question from the program “60 minutesWhich was broadcast by the “CBS” news network as to whether Washington Heading toward a military confrontation with Beijing he said Blinken: “Reaching or even heading to that point is strongly against my interests China AndUnited State“.

“What we have seen over the past several years is that China is behaving more oppressive at home and more aggressive abroad. This is a fact,” he added.

In response to a question on the news that China has stolen hundreds of billions of dollars or more from US trade secrets and intellectual property, he said Blinken that Biden administration She has “real concerns” on the intellectual property issue.

And last month, Blinken said United State Concerned about Chinas aggressive measures against Taiwan, he said it would be a “grave mistake” for any party to try to change the status quo in the Western Pacific by force.

Blinken said the United States has an unwavering obligation under the Taiwan Relations Act to ensure that self-governing Taiwan has the ability to defend itself and maintain peace and security in the Western Pacific.

Taiwan has complained over the past few months about repeated missions by the Chinese Air Force near the island, which China says is affiliated with it.

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