Ismaili in the face of clearing the league


The Ismaili team achieved a difficult victory over its Egyptian counterpart, Al-Maqsat, Monday evening, 2-1, in the framework of the 24th round of the Egyptian we League.

Ismaily scored the two goals by Benson Shilongo in the 24th and 45th minutes, while Ahmed Adel scored the Al-Maqsas goal in the 79th minute.

With that result, Ismaily reached 29 points in tenth place in the league table, while the clearing balance stuck at 33 points in sixth place.

Ismaily played a combination of:

Muhammad Fawzi, Hussein al-Sayed, Muhammad Hashem, Muhammad Ammar, Muhammad Adel, Muhammad Hassan, Imad Hamdi, Ahmed Madbouly, Fakhr al-Din bin Yusuf, Ari Babel, Benson Shilongo.

The clearinghouse was formed as follows:
Mahmoud Hamdi, Essam Subhi, Osama Al-Azab, Ahmed Modi, Mohamed Desouki, Saeed Al-Wansh, Hisham Muhammad Abdullah Majdi, Bekele, Fawafi, Basem Morsi.

Match events
Shilongo scored the first goal for the Ismaili in the 24th minute, after a magic pass from the player Fakhruddin bin Youssef, after which Shilongo wasted an opportunity to score the second goal for the Dervishes, after turning Ben Youssef’s cross over the crossbar.

In the 29th minute, Shilongo tried to use the aiming weapon to add the second goal for a team, but the ball passed by the left post of the clearing goal.

Shilongo returned to score the second goal for him and the Ismaili team in the 45th minute, after a pass behind the defenders of the player Fakhr El Din Ben Youssef.

And Ahmed Adel Messi scored a goal to reduce the difference for the Al-Maqasa team in the 79th minute, after the player’s individual skill in passing through the Ismaili defense and scoring the ball into the net.

The crossbar prevented the Ismaili team from scoring the third goal in the 85th minute, after a missile shot by substitute Ahmed Mustafa.


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