Ismaily: We will not allow 3 points to be deducted from the team


Alaa Wahid, a spokesman for the Ismaili club, confirmed that the Dervish board of directors will not allow the deduction of 3 points from the yellow team, adding that there is a close session with the star officials to resolve the matter.

The committee supported the decision of deducting three points from the Ismaili in the event that the ruling of the International Sports Court in favor of the Nujoom Club was not implemented within 30 days from the date of February 23, 2021, and the committee decided to accept the Ismaili’s grievance in this matter in form and rejected it as a matter. (See more details)

During radio statements to “On Two” broadcast on “On Sport” radio, Wahid said: “We will meet with Nujoom club officials to resolve the Ibrahim Hassan case and deduct the 3 points.”

He continued: “The Ismaili board of directors will not allow a deduction of 3 points. We respect the law and regulations, but there is another way, which is the agreement.”

He continued: “We respect Al-Nujoom Club, and the solution is the agreement. I do not want to mention examples of clubs that were supposed to be deducted from 3 points and were not implemented.”

Regarding the team’s position in the league, he said: “We have ambitions to end the league in fourth or fifth place.”

He continued: “We started the right path during the last period, and we hope that the team will return to its normal position with the beginning of next season.”

He concluded: “The coaching staff led by Ihab Jalal has succeeded in highlighting the capabilities of the Ismaili Club.”


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