Ismaily wins over El Gouna and escapes from the landing centers


Ismaily achieved a difficult victory at the expense of El Gouna, 3-2, in the match that was held between them in the 20th round of the league competition.

Ismaili rose 3 places and survived the drop zone, bringing his score to 20 points in the 13th place, and El-Gouna is preceded in 11th place with 25 points.

An Ismaili, Fakhr El Din Bin Youssef, advanced in the 11th minute with a header that struck the El Gouna window.

In the 21st minute, El Gouna equalized through Amr El Saadawi, after he passed in a wonderful way inside the penalty area and shot in the far corner in the dervishes net.

In the second half, Nour El-Sayed scored the second goal for El Gouna from a penalty kick in the 57th minute.

Al-Ismaily won a penalty kick in the 65th minute, which was fired by Fakhr al-Din bin Youssef, which was blocked by Islam Tariq, but the Dervish striker completed it in the net, announcing a tie for the Dervishes.

Muhammad Sadiq added the third goal for Ismaily in the 71st minute, after a mistake by Islam Tariq in clearing the ball, so that it found the net.


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