Israel declares its remorse for the bombing of the evacuation tower in Gaza


Some high-ranking officials of the Zionist entity expressed their “remorse” over the bombing Evacuation Tower Which includes the offices of major media outlets, saying that any benefit from destroying Hamass electronic equipment in the tower has been overshadowed by the damage to Israel’s international image. According to what 3 Israeli officials told the American “New York Times”.

The report mentioned that some officers occupation army The Israeli argued against the May 15 attack on the building that housed the offices of the Associated Press, Al Jazeera, and others, before it was finally approved. Israeli officials were persuaded to agree to the strike after providing them with information about alleged Hamas operations in the building, knowing that no one would be injured, the New York Times reported.

But in the wake of the major international outcry, some Israeli officials now believe the move was a mistake, according to the report.

The Israeli Occupation Army confirms that Hamas used the tall building for electronic warfare against Israel, in an attempt to interfere with the GPS signal used by the Israeli occupation army, as well as the offices of the movement’s intelligence department. However, the IDF has not publicly disclosed evidence to support this claim. The United States said Israel had provided it with information to support the assertion through intelligence channels, although it did not comment on whether it accepts the allegation or believes it justifies the demolition of the entire building.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the evacuation tower a “completely legitimate target” and told CBS’s “Face the Nation” program last Sunday that Israel is passing such evidence through intelligence channels. There were no casualties in the raid, after prior warning from the Israeli army to those inside to evacuate.

On Friday, his lawyer said that the owner of the Gaza media tower filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court. Jawad Mahdi’s complaint says that the attack that destroyed al-Jalaa Tower was a “war crime.” The recording, a copy of which was seen by Agence France-Presse, came after the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said last week that “crimes” may have been committed during the recent conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

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