It reaches 42 degrees … the observations announce the peak of a rise in temperature and the beginning of an improvement


02:52 PM

Saturday 01 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

Dr. Iman Shaker, Undersecretary for the Remote Sensing Center at the General Meteorological Authority, said that the weather will witness a rise in temperatures during the coming days, with a peak in the middle of the week.

Shaker added, that the country was exposed to a new heat wave that started from last Wednesday and will continue for five days.

The agent of the remote sensing agency said that after the beginning of the month, the temperature will rise and return to a slight decrease, starting from next Thursday, but the most likely will be a rise that will continue until the middle of this month.

The temperature in Cairo today is 36 degrees, while it reaches 39 on Tuesday, then it drops slightly to 37 on Wednesday, and on the northern coasts it is recorded 30 degrees and reaches 32 degrees in the middle of the week, while the southern regions reach 38 to 42 degrees.

The Meteorological Authority advised citizens not to be exposed to direct sunlight, coinciding with the high temperatures that affect most of the republic, in addition to not being exposed to the sun for long periods, wearing head coverings, drinking more fluids after breakfast and until the pre-dawn meal, and wearing loose, cotton clothes.

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