It started with a photo session and ended with her disappearance … The full story of the crisis of Dancer Jawhara (photos)


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Russian dancer Ekartina Andreeva, famous for Jawhara, sparked widespread controversy and anger on social media platforms after circulating a filming session she underwent in a mosque in Hurghada, while visiting the city.

In conjunction with the spread of the filming session that the dancer underwent Jawhara and the anger that was raised about her by followers, a final court ruling was issued against her for a year of imprisonment for inciting immorality and immorality, but in the case of 2585 of 2018.

As soon as the dancer knew that the security services were looking for her to implement the ruling against her, she disappeared from the hotel in which she was staying in Hurghada.

Major General Amr Hanafi, Governor of Bahr Al Ahmar, commented on the crisis of the dancer Jawhara, explaining that he did not follow up on the matter and was not aware of it.

“Hanafi” added during a telephone conversation with Amr Adib, the journalist, on the “Al-Hekaya” program broadcast on the “mbc Egypt” channel, that the “El Mina” mosque includes a very large square and is located in the middle of the city, so it has become a shrine visited by tourists and taking memorial photos.

He explained: “Foreign tourists enter shrines in groups, so it is difficult to distinguish between them and whether or not there is a dancer among them,” indicating that people in the governorate are accustomed to entering tourists in their normal form to these shrines.

He continued: “The issue is taken over, and I am very interested in following it up,” indicating his preoccupation with more important things.

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