It started with the need to ask permission and ended with sealing and waxing … the whole story of a crisis


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Sunday 02 May 2021

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

Over the past three days, and in light of the continuing campaigns to follow up the implementation of the precautionary measures in cafes, malls and shops, the crisis of the Balcony Restaurant in New Cairo was the most prominent.

The crisis emerged through the spread of a video clip on social media, in which a number of security forces and officials of the New Cairo Authority appeared, while they monitored the presence of hookahs in a restaurant that violated the precautionary decisions to confront the Corona virus.

During the video, a dialogue took place between one of the officials in the restaurant and the security men, asking them for permission before entering, as the restaurant is a tourist place and not a local coffee, as he put it.

But the New Cairo Authority confirmed, on the official page of the “Facebook” position, “When the campaign arrived, led by Engineer Amin Ghunaim, head of the agency, and Major General Tariq Rashid, Deputy Director of Cairo Security and Director of the General Administration for the New Cairo Sector, we did not find a final person in the place with the doors open. Although one of the officials used to tell the police chief, you must ask permission before entering a tourist facility.

After the violation of the shutters was detected, which was the evening of the first Friday, and on the morning of the second day corresponding to the first of May, the restaurant was completely closed and sealed .. What is the reason?

Engineer Amin Ghoneim, head of the New Cairo Authority, revealed, during his interview with Masrawy, the details of closing and sealing the “Balcony” restaurant in the first settlement.

Ghoneim said that a restaurant and a balcony, a cafe, had been closed and sealed for several reasons. It consists of converting the entire building into a commercial building in violation of licenses, the lack of civil defense, and fully exploiting and occupying it without a license, and also these works impede movement in the event of an emergency, as well as converting the garage into a kitchen.

The head of the agency continued: “The closure decision was issued since March 11, and as soon as the security study was completed, the closure and waxing decision was implemented.”

Ghoneim explained that the incident of monitoring the operation of a number of shutters inside the restaurant differs from the violations of sealing and waxing, stressing that the electricity meters have been removed from the restaurant, and even if it is turned on after that, a misdemeanor will be made to break seals other than the theft of an electric current.

And in order to restart the restaurant again, the head of the New Cairo Authority said, it is imperative to correct these errors, bring to the device, achieve a civil defense, and complete the procedures for operating licenses.

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