“It will not work.” Muhammad Sami reveals the reason for Muhammad Ramadan’s departure from “the seed of strangers.”


For suggestions of places to go out

Director Mohamed Sami said that he does not want to meet with his opponents, explaining: “I do not want to meet with them, will we meet and say what ?! Ignoring is a beautiful thing. ”

And about his relationship with the artist Muhammad Ramadan, Sami said in his interview with the media, Basma Wahba, presenter of the “Al-Divination” program, which is shown on the “axis” screen: “I don’t leave Muhammad Ramadan because of the series“ The Offspring of Strangers. ”The series was supposed to remain starring with Ahmed Al-Sakka, but this does not mean I gave him up. ”

He added: “Muhammad Ramadan and I have a great friendship and have achieved successes together in a way that cannot be overlooked, but with regard to the“ Offspring of Strangers ”series, there was a disagreement in the artistic views.

He continued: “When I was doing the Al-Prince series, I had before that I went to the Al-Saqa series, and postponed it to this year because of the Muhammad Ramadan series. Or any name right and the other left, and all these words are wrong and every one is known as Fin, and in 1000 ways to make the two stars satisfied. ”

He explained: “There were disagreements about other needs, and I found that the topic will not work in cooperation with Al-Sakka and Muhammad Ramadan, so I decided that I would commit to cooperating with Al-Sakka, and Muhammad Ramadan did not abandon the series“ The Offspring of the Strangers, ”but he abandoned the idea that he is working a series starring two stars.


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