Iyad Nassar participates in the breakfast of the martyr Muhammad Mabrouk batch | news


A number of police officers who were graduates of the class of 1995, the batch of martyr Colonel Muhammad Mabrouk, invited the star Iyad Nassar to participate in their annual Iftar party, which they used to hold every year, and the late martyr participated with them.

A number of friends of the martyr Muhammad Mabrouk and colleagues of the same group shared pictures on Facebook that collected them and a number of colleagues of the deceased from various sectors at the Ministry of Interior, accompanied by the artist Iyad Nassar, and praised his embodiment of the morals and competence of the late in the series “Choice 2”.

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The blood of the martyr Colonel Muhammad Mabrouk and other righteous martyrs was not in vain, as his colleagues took revenge on him, and no one escaped justice, and the successful strikes of the Ministry of Interior against terrorism do not stop, to confirm that the watchful eyes are on the lookout for everyone who is begging him to tamper with the security and stability of the homeland.

Muhammad Mabrouk, he was one of the police officers who worked day and night, not bothered by the bullets of terrorism, and they did not care about death, they worked long hours in their offices and outside, their families did not know anything about them for long days, they were always busy protecting the homeland, staying up for long nights in order to sleep The Egyptian people are in peace and security. They are always looking for the highest and most valuable rank in the police force, which is the rank of “martyr”.

The martyr hero supervised many important cases, and he also made his statements before the State Security Prosecution in the famous intelligence case, as he was the main witness in the case, as well as his supervision of the investigations of the escape of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi and his followers from Wadi al-Natrun prison, and his investigation of the events of the Guidance Office in Mokattam and others.

On November 18, 2013, National Security Officer Muhammad Mabrouk was martyred at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the martyr Colonel Muhammad Mabrouk was born in 1974, then he graduated from the Police College in 1995, then joined the State Security Service in 1997 until May of 2011 and then transferred to the National Security Service in the Directorate Giza Security.

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