Jabaliya Grievances The appeal decision to suspend Imam Ashour is issued within hours


Adel El Shorbagy, Chairman of the Grievances Committee of the Football Association, confirmed the issuance of a decision on the appeal made by Zamalek Club to suspend Imam Ashour for 12 matches. Al-Shorbagy said in a statement to the “B Ontime” program, which is broadcast on Ontime Sports, that the committee did not delay in issuing the decision, but after the 10-day period for submitting a grievance has expired, the committee is looking into the matter to decide before the decision is issued, indicating that the committee will not look at Colors, but it will issue the right decision in favor of Egyptian football.

Ashour was suspended for 12 games, due to the events of the youth summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the last round of the Youth League.

And Imam Ashour’s punishment came into effect, despite Zamalek announcing its rejection, but he missed the Al-Ahly and Production matches to be suspended, and Zamalek submitted a grievance to stop the implementation of the penalty, but the Appeal Committee refused to stop the execution until the grievance is resolved.

Carteron asked to know the fate of Ashour’s participation in the upcoming matches of Zamalek, especially as he currently follows a policy of rotation in the formation, and therefore every player needs to be on the white list.

Zamalek club officials have rejected what has been reported inside the halls of Jabalia during the past hours about the lack of Submitting a white club grievance Against the punishment of Imam Ashour, the team player, 12 games, and a fine of 200 thousand pounds, and only submitting a grievance against the penalties of 5 players born in 99.


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