Jensh: I am Egypt’s first goalkeeper


Mahmoud Abdel Rahim “Jensh”, goalkeeper for Zamalek club, revealed his opinion about the phenomenon of “motivation” in football, stressing that it gives the ball a pleasure.

“Partying is a natural thing in football, and competition is also a natural thing and gives joy to football,” Jensh said during his presence on the program “Ramiz Aklh Flew” on “mbc Egypt” channel.

He added, “I am Egypt’s first goalkeeper, and my former colleague in Zamalek, Mostafa Mohamed, is Egypt’s first striker, and the best in midfield currently is Tarek Tarek.”

Jensh missed Zamalek’s last confrontation against Pyramids, which ended in a one-goal draw for each team, within the accounts of the 18th week of the Egyptian we League competition.

And the presence of Mohamed Awad in the formation of Zamalek as a mainstay instead of goalkeeper Mahmoud Jensh, who was present in the last matches of the team before the Pyramids meeting in the league.

The Zamalek team ranks first in the league table with a score of 41 points, after the team has played 19 matches in the competition so far, and Al-Ahly is in second place with 37 points and played 17 games.


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