Jerusalem events: Hamas continues to fire its rockets, and Israel vows to continue its operation in Gaza


Iron Dome launches a missile

Photo released, EPA

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The Iron Dome in Israel responded to most of the Hamas rockets, but some landed on Israeli cities

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Hamas continued firing rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli cities and towns, including Tel Aviv, at a time when Israel pledged to continue its offensive against the Palestinian factions in the Strip.

The escalation between the two sides continued despite US President Joe Biden’s expectation that the current fighting, the fiercest in years, will soon end.

There was no immediate news of casualties due to the recent Hamas attacks, but warning sirens sounded in Israeli areas as far as Moshav Nahalal, 100 kilometers from Gaza, and thousands of Israelis were sheltering in shelters.

The Gaza Health Ministry announced that at least 67 people have been killed in the Strip, since the violence escalated on Monday.

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