Khaled Al-Ghandour admits: Tariq Hamed deserves to be expelled like Traore in Pyramids


Media Khaled Al-Ghandour confirmed that the Zamalek and Pyramids match witnessed many arbitration errors, most notably the failure to expel the two players, Tariq Hamed and Erk Traore, the players of the two teams, and Al-Ghandour said in his program “The Sweet Game” on On Sport FM Radio, “Jihad Greisha counted 8 minutes in time instead of lost and played. Less than two minutes, and I don’t know why, in a leak from the referees committee, he says that the headphones stayed on, so that he ended the match, which is an excuse worse than a sin.“.

Khaled Al-Ghandour added, “A difference of 6 minutes and a lot of text, and nobody tells you the origin of the lost time is my appreciation for the referee, on the idea it is possible that Pyramids won because Zamalek was rushing to attack, and I assure the match will not be repeated as it was reported yesterday, and also the people who say Tariq Hamid deserve to be expelled by saying they are not alone Traore, the Pyramids player, deserves an expulsion as well, and Zamalek has a penalty kick that was not awarded to Hamid Ahdad“.

Al-Ghandour continued, “The mouse told Jihad Greisha Trawari deserves expulsion and the ruling ignored his expulsion after he hit Mahmoud Alaa without a ball. They reached him on the stethoscope and he tells you its origin is lurid, according to the idea of ​​the story. No one knows it.“.

Bandaq continued, “Pyramids prevail in the first half, Abdullah Al-Saeed is a great player, and Ramadan Sobhi needs to remain better, and I think Mohamed Awad will remain essential for the coming period in Zamalek until further notice, but what he did is Zizou and the loss of the opportunity and the net is empty is one of the oddities and wonders in the match. Himself to fix his mistake and save the ball“.

Zamalek and Pyramids tied with a goal for each team in the match that brought them together yesterday, Sunday, in the 19th round of the League.

With this result, Zamalek tops the league table with 41 points, after playing 19 games, winning 12 games, tying in 5 matches, losing two matches, and its players scored 33 goals and scored 12 goals..

Pyramids ranks third with 31 points, after playing 19 games, winning 7 games, drawing 10 matches, losing two matches, and its players scored 26 goals and scored 18 goals.


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