Khaled Eid: Al-Ahly and El-Gounas tie made it more difficult to face the two


Khaled Eid, the technical director of Ghazl El Mahalla, confirmed that Al-Ahly’s draw with El-Gouna increases the difficulty of the Red Genie match with the farmers, which will be held next Monday. “The Al-Ahly match is difficult and its difficulty increases,” Al-Ahly’s match with El-Gouna in the last match, Khaled Eid said in a telephone interview with the stars program in Ramadan with the radio station Najla Helmy and the sports critic Mohamed Araqi on Al-Shabab and Sports Radio.

Khaled Eid added, “We are well prepared for Al-Ahly, the match at our stadium, and we are trying to come out with a positive result in front of the defending champion. We will strive to make the Mahalla fans happy.”

The technical director of Ghazl El Mahalla revealed that Al-Ahly did not contact them to postpone the match, and no one spoke in this regard. The match is on schedule.

Regarding the deals, Khaled Eid said, “Any player in Al-Ahly and Zamalek, we wish to sign him, but we have distinguished players who are no less than the two poles.”

Al-Ahly faces its counterpart Ghazl El-Mahalla in the nineteenth round matches of the Egyptian Premier League Championship, scheduled to be held next Monday evening at El-Mahalla Stadium.


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