Khartoum: Ethiopias disavowal of the agreements threatens its sovereignty over the land of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


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The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered that Ethiopias renunciation of previous agreements would mean undermining its sovereignty over the Benishangul region, on which the Renaissance Dam was built, and which was transferred to it according to some of these agreements..

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry added that Ethiopias attempts to evade international agreements by mobilizing internal public opinion against it is a measure that poisones the climate of international relations..

A ministry statement clarified that Ethiopias claim that the relevant agreements are a “colonial legacy” is irrelevant and a fallacy of historical facts, indicating that Ethiopia was an independent country at the time of the conclusion of these agreements..

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry warned that continuing to obstruct negotiations to impose de facto policies does not serve good neighborliness and the security of the region..

Khartoum has stepped up its rhetoric to respond to the allegations made by the Ethiopian government regarding the Renaissance Dam negotiations..

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that established norms in international relations bind states and governments to international agreements and treaties signed by previous regimes and governments..

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry stressed, in its statement, that dragging other issues into the discussion other than the subject of negotiation – filling and operating the Renaissance Dam – is not productive and has no goal except to continue to obstruct negotiations, seeking to impose de facto policies that do not serve the issues of good neighborliness, security and stability of the region and the continent..

She said: “It is better for Ethiopia’s interests, options for its present, and the future prosperity that is hoped for all countries and peoples of the related region, for Ethiopia to rely on joint action based on common interests, and not to take the effort to escape from its internal problems by creating enmities that it creates with Sudan or other countries of the continent,” she said. It works with Sudan and others to agree on the legal frameworks that establish these interests and ensure their sustainability».

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