Klopp talks about when Van Dyck will return and how ready he is for the euro


The German coach Jurgen Klopp said that the chances of the Dutch defender Virgil van Dyck participating with his country in the European Championship (Euro) this year depend on his recovery from a cut in the cruciate ligament of the knee.

Van Dyck suffered a cut in the cruciate ligament of the knee during his participation with his team against Everton last October in the English Premier League.

Klopp commented, “Virgil’s knee will be determined. After a 10 to 11-month absence, it will be difficult to train weekly and play football.”

He continued: “No one will prevent him and I promise everyone in the Netherlands to do so, but he cannot be pressured to play, as we are talking about a player and his career.”

And he continued: “At the moment, we cannot talk about the date of his return. Time is short before the European Championship because he did not train with the team, and he will not do so in the coming weeks.”

“In the end, it is Van Dyck’s decision,” he concluded. “The decision will depend on how he feels his knee.”

It is worth noting that the European Championship 2020 was supposed to be held last year, but it was postponed due to the Corona pandemic, and it is scheduled to start on Friday, June 11 and continue until the eleventh of July next.


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