Leaks reveal 3 radical changes in the “iPhone 13”


Press reports revealed new leaks regarding the “iPhone 13” phone from the American “Apple” company, including 3 radical changes and updates, and the American “Forbes” magazine published a report that monitors the smart and practical improvements in the “iPhone 13” phone, so that its shape is completely different from what appeared on it in Previous versions.

These three improvements include changes in the size of the rear cameras and the structure of the phone as a whole, and a completely different version for small-sized versions, and those improvements in iPhone 13 were as follows.

1- Cameras Size:

The new huge cameras on the iPhone 13 look surprisingly good, as Apple shifted the units from the horizontal layout to the diagonal layout, and the reason for this is clear, because the cameras are so large that they will be very narrow using the previous horizontal arrangement.

These cameras help in changing the game in phone photography systems, in terms of capturing video images or portrait mode.

2- The structure of the phone

It seems that Apple is making a remarkable change to the “iPhone 13” phone, especially with regard to the structure of the phone, with regard to the back of the prototype, it will not only be more crystalline, but also different other tissues that have not been used before in Apple phones. “.

3- iPhone 13 mini:

Recent leaks show that Apple is seeking a major development in its iPhone mini version, which is very popular with iPhone fans, and which also enjoys major improvements in the quality of the screens with “Pro Motion” technology and the strengthening of Internet ranges. Wireless “Wi-Fi”, improve battery efficiency and power consumption.


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